KMyMoney 4.6.5 released

This is an unplanned release. Quicken dropped support for 2011 and banks followed suit, so the online import using Quicken 2011 as ID has stopped working. We added IDs for latest versions, and released a new tarball.
So, that’s it, not much more to say about this release. If you don’t use the online import feature, then wait for the next release, which should be 4.8.0 in a few months. Stop reading here if you don’t like rants.

What happened is a display of planned obsolescence. Quicken 2011 works fine, but the company has a policy of dropping support for version older than 3 years. That’s a company decision and it’s fine, but… you don’t only lose the possibility of support, but some features stop working, for no reason. If you could trick your bank into believing you are using a newer version, it would continue working, no other change needed. But no, if you want to continue using the functionality you paid for, you have to pay again for a newer version, whether you want it or not. Please, stop supporting companies with such greedy policies.

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